Bacillus cereus Count Plate

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MicroFast® Bacillus cereus Count Plate (BC)  is a sample-ready-culture medium system which contains improved media, cold-water-soluble gelling agent and indicator that facilitates colony enumeration. It is intended for Bacillus cereus test for food, food material and production environment.

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Bacillus cereus Count Plate

Manufacturer Meizheng
Trademark Microfast®
Order No. LR1010
Analyte Bacillus cereus
Sample Type Food, food material and production environment
Methodology Count plate
Packaging 25 Tests
Shelf life 18 months
Lead time Shipped within 5-12 working days.
Inoculation 1mL/piece
Culture temperature 30℃
Culture time 18h-24h
Interpretation Count blue-green colonies
Storage 2℃-8℃, keep away from light
Application It is intended for Bacillus cereus test for food, food material and production environment.


  1. When unopened, the best storage temperature is 2 ~ 8 ℃, and it is used up within the shelf life.
  2. In a high humidity environment, please restore the test piece to room temperature before use.
  3. After unsealing, it is necessary to fold the aluminum foil bag twice, then stick it with adhesive tape or seal it with a sealing clip, store it in the dark at 2 ~ 8 ℃, and use it up within one month.
  4. When transporting or short-term storage, just leave the count plate at room temperature.


  1. The count plate should be stacked upwards and no more than 20 pieces during the incubation.
  2. Using the mark pen or colony counter when counting.
  3. Count plate may contain microorganisms that may be a potential biohazard. Follow current industry standards for disposal.
  4. Keep the count plate away from ultraviolet, direct sunlight and fluorescent lamp.
  5. Do not use the polluted count plate.
  6. If the pH of the test sample is too high or too low, it will affect the accuracy of the test results.
  7. When uncover the film, do not touch the microbial culture area of the medium.
  8. When there are too many bacteria, it will affect the detection of positive strains.
  9. The count plate may show a few needle-like black spots, which is normal and does not affect the interpretation of the target strain.

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